How to Start Transforming Your Teaching With These 50 Questions

by | May 23, 2018

Asking meaningful questions is how transformation begins, and transforming your teaching practice is no different. Making lasting change for the benefit of all teachers and learners is why we do what we do. It’s also why we wrote our latest book Future-Focused Learning. In essence, we believe education should always have an eye on the future. We also wanted to give educators the tools they need to make the most of that future. Specifically, we wanted to give them some challenging questions they could ponder as they think about how to bring real change to their classrooms.

As such, we present 10 shifts of practice in this new book that define future-focused teaching. These shifts of practice are made more impactful through the reflective questions that accompany them. We’ve given you those questions below in this infographic to help you explore the possibilities for transforming your teaching, using the shifts provided in our book.

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But the question is, what does it mean to begin transforming your teaching? Let’s be clear about one thing—the art of teaching isn’t broken. It’s not ineffective and it’s not outdated. That said, like everything else, the landscape of teaching itself is always changing. Technology is rewiring the impressionable student brain and constantly working its way into their learning. On the school front, standards are revised and methods evolve, and new discoveries are made every day about what teaching really is. In short, education isn’t the same as it was decades ago, and it won’t be the same years from now.

This is where the shifts of practice come in. These are methods of transforming your teaching that are timeless, and adaptable to the pathways of education’s present and its foreseeable future. We’re talking about versatile practices that are highly student-centered, and devised to assist in the development of top-notch professional learning as well.

Explore them in the infographic below, and use the reflective questions provided for transforming your teaching the right way.

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