“What’s Out My Window” Gives Learning a Window Into the World

by | Jul 4, 2017

We’ve got something cool brewing here at the GDCF that we’re super-excited about. It’s called “What’s Out My Window,” a Twitter project in tandem with our beloved teachers all over Australia looking to give their learners a window into the world outside the classroom. And you’re invited to join the conversation.

Now you can help students in Australia with a new project idea simply by taking a picture from outside your class or home window. Next, hop on Twitter and tweet your image with the hashtags #whatsoutmywindow and #aussieED.


Why “What’s Out My Window?”

Often as students in class we find ourselves looking out the windows at what interests us and grabs out attention. Now you’ve got a chance to turn this into any kind of creative learning opportunity to engage learners using the world outside the classroom.

It’s the coolest way for you and your students to discover the best learning opportunities we have exist in the world all around us, and some of them are even right outside the windows of your classrooms and your homes. That’s exactly the idea behind What’s Out My Window.

“What’s Out My Window” Provides Project Ideas for Every Kind of Learner

If you’re wondering about the possibilities for learning with What’s Out My Window, you’ll be happy to know they’re only limited to your students’ imaginations. The pictures you tweet can be used to spark any kind of learning adventure, such as:

  • comparing geography, people, environment, and landscapes from around the world
  • using them as writing prompts
  • creating a mapping study
  • performing a study of environmental impact
  • organizing community clean-up projects and fundraisers
  • visual learning prompts for ESL students
  • class calendars and collages
  • visual games and multimedia projects

Take a pic from your classroom or home window and post it with your location, and help with building a great lesson!

Tweet your pictures using #whatsoutmywindow #aussieED



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