Lots of students claim to hate math. It’s not a new thing for a math teacher to hear. That’s the point at which the teacher makes a choice. Do they continue to let the haters hate? Or do they find a way to make their subject one of interest? Thankfully the majority of teachers will always choose the latter.

As for how they do it, the ways are many and diverse. Students love playing games, so what about math games?


The math games collected here are from all over the Web. They come from people from all walks of life. We’re talking teachers, parents, hobbyists, you name it. These could be people who found math difficult themselves. Such individuals will always look for ways to make it fun and useful for those of us who don’t like it. See the fruits of those labours below.

Explore and be inspired. As always, we welcome the chance to hear about ideas for math games you have experience with. We can always use games that make learning a pleasure!

Inspirations for Math Games Galore

Sites to Explore for Math Games


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