7 Easy Ways of Encouraging Digital Citizenship in Your Classroom

Are you encouraging digital citizenship practices among your modern learners? If not, you should be. It's one of the easiest and most beneficial things we can do for their safety and their curiosity. You can ask important questions, share age-appropriate...

4 Teaching Misconceptions That Must Be Turned Around

Let's put some focus on strong teaching misconceptions. We know the world is full of great teachers. Making generalizations, assumptions, or misconceptions about teaching would be fruitless. So let's focus on the profession itself and its...

4 Ways You Can Start Giving Quiet Students Confidence

There is a sadness in most of us when we see a shy child. You can see the painful anxiety on their face the moment they enter the classroom. Quiet students don’t chat as easily as some of the other students do with their peers. Raising their hand in class is a rarity,...

How to Begin Asking Authentic Learning Questions Right Now

Authentic learning is a useful approach for encouraging our learners to develop the critical thinking skills and confidence needed to tackle real-life situations. However, it can be hard to get out of the more traditional mindset where the teacher is the source of...

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6 Creative Social Studies Projects for Meaningful Learning

Social studies is one of the most fascinating subjects that students will learn in school. Since it's the study of how human society works, it’s easy to get kids hyped to learn about different cultures and areas of the entire world. That's why having some...

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