The Importance of Teaching Critical Thinking

You can often hear discussions about critical thinking. Is it as vital as most specialists say? In fact, the level of development of this skill determines how good the decisions we make every day will be. The more developed it is, the fewer mistakes a person makes. This is a useful skill for work and situations in daily life alike because the cost of a mistake can be too high sometimes.

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Lesson Plans for Making Students Better Online Researchers

Your students have to complete a certain project with the help of online research on the Шnternet. It would seem that entering a phrase in a Google search is not difficult. But how truthful will the information that appears on the first pages be? Is this enough to complete the task? Not likely. That is why students must become better online researchers. 

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Innovative Formative Assessment Examples

Even the most experienced teachers are faced with the fact that students do not fully understand the material of the lesson. For this reason, various tests or even exams may be failed. To avoid this problem, the teacher should know the basic principles of formative assessment to establish how well students understood the topic. Using this technique, you can focus on those details of the educational material that turned out to be too complicated.

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Сritical Thinking Skills

People must make decisions every day. When choosing a solution to a problem, we use critical thinking to consider consequences and other details. The better it is developed, the more logical our actions will be. Therefore, improving the ability to think critically is a very reasonable goal. But how to do that? 

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