The Solution Fluency Activity Planner

(Your new best friend in the modern classroom)

It’s an exciting collaborative tool for creating and exploring lesson plans that engage, inspire, and enable today’s modern students. How? With challenging inquiry and PBL unit plans created by you!

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  • Access thousands of inquiry and PBL units
  • Create your own custom lesson plans
  • Align with your curricular standards
  • Collaborate with a global network of educators
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Create and Discover Plans

A guided system helps you develop your own ideas based on the elements of a modern learning environment. Access over 10,000 units created by educators all over the world. Find one you like? Clone it and edit your own copy your way.


Co-Author Plans
& Receive Coaching

Add any one of your colleagues as a co-author. Get coaching from our team and support your peers using the built-in commenting features. You can even attach web links, PDFs, or video files for use with your lessons.


Connect to Your

Search for applicable standards or add your own custom standards. Take advantage of Curriculum Mapping, too—sort and manage your standards across a whole group of lesson plans.


Create Custom Rubrics
with Evidence

Develop custom holistic rubrics for creating authentic assessment. Formative rubrics are automatically produced for each learning progression and then connected to curricular objectives.

Put Your Plans Into Action

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