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  • Global Digital Citizenship
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The Money Talk: Starting Your Child’s Financial Literacy

“Personal finance might not have the same cachet as sex ed, but schools are now trying to fill in some of the gaps we have in financial literacy—the idea being that if you tackle it early, you can instill in students a lifetime of knowledge.” Click to tweet Source:...

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Fluency-Style Flipped Learning and the Modern Classroom

Are you ready for some Fluency-style flipped learning? Hang on, though—what is that, exactly? If you’re already familiar wth the Essential Fluencies, you may be trying to figure out ways to bring them into your classroom. Flipped learning is a great way to do...

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3 Ways You Can Show Students the Path to Learning Ownership

Having the great opportunity to learn through a quality education is a right of all children. Learning ownership simply means that a child is actively involved in the education process. Unfortunately, it’s not like that in all countries. Malala Yousafzai was the...

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