Ways to Use Instagram in Your Classroom

Instagram has become almost a must-have app on your phone. Its functionality allows you to use this social network for work, hobbies, sports, studies… This makes the process not only more interesting but also much more useful. 

Instagram can also be used in class. A lot of teachers are already using it in their education, and it is bearing fruit. How can social media have a positive impact on learning?

1) Use all the features of hashtags 

First of all, hashtags help you quickly find the information you need. Find an interesting topic to study, creative lesson ideas, advice from experienced teachers, methods for memorizing large amounts of information quickly and efficiently, and more. 

2) Share your lesson ideas or student work 

By posting your teaching approach, for example, you not only help other educators learn from your experience, but you can also get some tips or other comments to help you improve your idea. It is also worth sharing the best student work. In this way, you highlight the achievements of the student, which gives them confidence and keeps them motivated.

3) Communicate with your colleagues 

Engage in discussions with other educators, be prepared to hear other people’s opinions, and share your own. Communication with other people will help you learn from other people’s mistakes, notice original ideas for lessons, and learn how to find an approach to difficult students. In addition, you can search for a specific material for students. For example, not the most popular but effective textbooks or unusual tasks that will help quickly learn a particular topic.

4) Create exciting projects 

Try preparing a special project for your students to help them practice material from one of your lessons. Ask the student to record intermediate results with photos or videos. For example, you are a programming teacher. Ask the student to write the code for a certain program in several steps. After the project is ready, share the process of creating the program on Instagram.

5) Let your Instagram page help students learn

Publish homework assignments, the main theses of the topic of the lesson, good and bad examples of the application of this topic in life, exceptions to the rules, and, in general, everything that will make it easier for students to fully understand the topic of the lesson and fix the most important thing in their memory.

6) Record memories 

Fill your page with the most important memories that will motivate other students. For example, take a photo of your student who won the Olympiad in your subject. Or post your own achievements, such as if you passed a serious teacher test or received an award for your work.

Instagram is a great classroom tool. If you want to improve your approach to education, be sure to try using this social network in your teaching process. Look at the pages of other teachers who are already using Instagram for this purpose and take advantage of their experience. Let your students see that you keep up with the progress.