Math is always a tough subject for a good number of students. These students tend to go through a lot of struggle as they attempt to get good grades. While in school, no one can really run away from the subject because it is incorporated almost everywhere. The same also applies in our daily lives. There is almost no single day that goes by without having to solve a mathematical problem of some kind.

You can now see just how important this subject is and why we need to be good at it. There is no parent who loves to see their child go through any struggles in life. That is why whenever a parent sees their child having troubles with math they often go looking for the most viable solutions.

Some of them go for private tutors, while others decide to do that by themselves. But lots of parents who help out their children with math may not be aware of the applications that have been designed to offer assistance in understanding different math concepts.

In this article, Homework Desk offers up 15 math apps that can be used by parents to help their children learn math skills.



einstein-mathEinstein Math Academy

This app is designed as a super-fun math game that is appropriate for any toddler, and up to 5th-graders. What the app does best is that it helps the learner to understand and improve on their basic time table skills.

story-math-appSeason of Tree: Forest Animals Friends Story

Developed by Yellephant, this cute-looking little app provides your child with a wonderful learning experience. Your child can explore the forest animals by engaging in 3 different activities.

math-puppyMath Puppy

Prepare yourself to be taken through an educational journey filled with fun. This app can be used by toddlers and grade-school students, but it’s also perfect for children of all ages. As a parent, you can use the app to help your child build up and sharpen their math skills as they get to enjoy a constructive, interactive, and supportive environment.

mickey-math-worldMickey’s Magical Math World

This math app takes you through an entire math adventure with some of your favourite Disney characters. If your child has ever had fun exploring drawing, making music, and storytelling with the Mickey’s Magical Arts World app, rest assured that they’ll enjoy this one.


Developed by Freecloud Design, this app was featured in The New York Times and won the Editor’s Choice Award at the Children’s Technology Review. With this math app, math can be loads of fun. It allows you to build rockets and fly them, and with the 56 different math missions, math is made easy.

math-training-kidsMath Training for Kids

The game is both entertaining and educative and allows your child to practice math operations. Math Training for Kids comes with three different levels that can challenge your child to be better at math. This math app is not only good for children; it can also be enjoyed by adults.

elmo-mathElmo Loves 123s for iPad

This math app was featured in Common Sense Media’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide and won the Best Learning App during the iKids Awards in 2014. The app comes with a number of activities, games and videos which can help your child learn about counting and numbers. The songs and videos about numbers will greatly enhance their learning experience.

moose-mathMoose Math

Use this math app to take children through an entire mathematical adventure that will help to teach them about addition, counting, subtraction, geometry and sorting. The game introduces a group of  characters known as the Dust Funnies that will assist kids in mastering all these math skills.

dreambox-mathDreamBox Learning Math

This app is perfect for both elementary and middle-school students and it guarantees them instant results. What is good about this app is that it adapts a learning model that is ideal to your child, ensuring that the lessons are personalized.

peter-pig-counterPeter Pig’s Money Coin Counter

With this app your kids can learn the skills of sorting and counting coins while playing the game. In the game, your child earns money which they get to keep in their ”bank.” The app also teaches fun facts about U.S. currency.

mini-chess-kasparovMiniChess by Kasparov

This game features Cheddar the Mouse and takes kids through a fun-filled but educative journey. While on the journey they get to meet new friends and solve loads of exciting puzzles that’ll also help them learn the basics of chess. In addition to this, the game comes with over 80 different mini-games that are super-exciting to play.

lets-do-mathLet’s Do Math

From the name itself, you can expect that your child will learn a lot of math. The game comes with three different math exercise categories that enhance your child’s learning experience. You may want to use the tool as a set of math flash cards or, better yet, treat it like a series of puzzles.

land-of-vennThe Land of Venn—Geometric Defence

This game has been rated as one of the top tower defence games where the player is allowed to defend their territories while at the same time taking on some amusing opponents. When defending the territory, you need to master the art of geometrical shapes in order to defend The Land of Venn.

up-to-100Up to 100

This app comes with 6 activities that’ll help kids discover the numbers up to 100. The app works best for kids between the ages of 4 to 7 years. As for the older children, they can learn about the numbers in a foreign language of their choice.

mathly-hollowsMathly Hollows

This game is played in such a way that kids get to defend Mathly Hollows from attack by developing their mental math skills. With the app, learning math is both fun and easy.

by Sally Sanderson


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