20 Creative Bloom’s Taxonomy Infographics Everybody Loves Using

by | Feb 7, 2017

There is no shortage of Bloom’s Taxonomy infographics online for every teacher. From our own Bloom’s Verbs poster to the resources that can be found on Andrew Churches’ Edorigami, there’s a taxonomy tool for every purpose. (Andrew also created a very helpful chart for checking your lesson components against Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy—you can get it here.)

We’ve got some favorites of our own, too. So we decided to do some digging for some of the best Bloom’s Taxonomy infographics out there, and bring 20 of them to you in this post.

If you’re like us, you enjoy experiencing other creative viewpoints and sharing them with those that you feel may benefit from them. No matter what your needs are, the Bloom’s graphics below have got something for everyone. We are inherently visual learners, and learning about Bloom’s Taxonomy in this manner is powerful and engaging for everyone.

Maybe you’re interested in descriptive verbs, or essential questions for each stage of the taxonomy. Perhaps you’re interested in seeing how Bloom’s Taxonomy compliments other learning processes. You might even be interested in specific digital apps or online programs that can be connected to each of its stages.

You can get it all here. These great tools have been sourced from educational heavyweights such as TeachThought, Fractus Learning, Educator’s technology, and more.


20 Creative Bloom’s Taxonomy Infographics

We’ll begin with our very own Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs poster, one of our most popular resources. After that, peruse all the other Bloom’s Taxonomy infographics collected from around the Web. You’re sure to find a few to fit your teaching needs.


from: global digital citizen foundation



via: TeachThought



via: TeachThought



via: UNLV Online Education



via: Tech & Learning



via: Educator’s Technology



via: Fractus Learning



via: Samuel Spettigue



via: hello literacy



via: An Ethical Island



via: Mentoring Minds



via: Designing Outcomes



via: Teaching Innovation



via: Fractus Learning



via: Educator’s Technology



via: Thinking Tradigitally



via: worldlanguagestech



via: KARE Givers



via: Bridge to CCSS



via: Chickmeek


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