6 Thoughtful Assessment Quotes for Your Most Mindful Teaching

by | Sep 2, 2018 | Assessment

Mindful assessment is thoughtful assessment; it’s assessment that comes from both the mind and the heart. In our best-selling book Mindful Assessment we discuss rethinking the relationship between teaching and learning. We do this through the practice of mindful assessment, and the 6 thoughtful assessment quotes below help you do just that. They’re taken directly from the book, and will inspire you to begin rethinking assessment for the betterment of your learners.

When we wrote this book, our mission was to provide educators the world over with a singular understanding: that it is the learner, and not the teacher, who creates learning. As teachers, it’s our responsibility to guide that learning by responding proactively to student performance. We do this by using thoughtful assessment practices. These involve being present for our students and aware of what’s happening with them. It also includes using simple tools to provide avenues for them to grow as they learn.

The following 6 quotes for thoughtful assessment practices encourage a shift in focus of assessment on mindfulness and feedback for improvement.


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