8 Green Classroom Ideas for Environmentally Conscious Learning

by | Jun 15, 2018

Our students love the planet deeply, and want to do good work to keep it alive and healthy. As far as modern learners are concerned, every day is Earth Day and this is such a great mindset for us all to have. Our global digital students have a broad respect and appreciation for the world around them, called environmental stewardship. What better way to show it than using some great green classroom ideas that they’ll enjoy?

There are many green classroom ideas that help them practice that Environmental Stewardship aspect of Global Digital Citizenship. A few really good ones are listed here for you try out—it’s like PBL for the whole planet.


8 Green Classroom Ideas for Your Students

Try these green classroom ideas out for yourself. You can also gain some inspiration from sources like Green Schools or SEEDS Connections.

  1. Rally for recycling: Kids enjoy competition, and competition for a cause is even better. A recycling rally pits schools/districts into a friendly match to see who can be the most efficient recyclers. Check out these ideas for recycling programs on LoveToKnow.
  2. Grow a garden: Many schools in different countries are honing their green thumbs with student-tended garden projects. These gardens provide fresh plants, flowers, and organic produce for their school and also the community. Check out these starter guidelines from SPEC.
  3. Green cleaning: Try making naturally-based homemade cleaning products for both school and home use. You can even make up a bunch and sell them either at a special class event, or set up an online store. The money collected can go to a green charity of your choice. There are some great natural cleaner recipe ideas here on Keeper of the Home.
  4. Consider online records: Green classroom ideas can also extend to administrative tasks like records management. Think about keeping class-related records online, or using online grade books like these. If paper is still your choice, try to use recycled paper as much as possible.
  5. Push for a No-Idle zone: Carbon monoxide pollution is a serious issue as mass vehicle production continues to rise. Campaigning for an idle-free school zone is one of those green classroom ideas that can benefit not only the health of the school, but the entire community. Here’s a toolbox from the EPA to get you started.
  6. Start a group for change: You don’t have to try and change the world overnight, but you can start small and work your way up.  Students today have social media and the Internet at their command to rally people to a worthy environmental cause. They can even build alliances with schools in practically any part of the world. MedHopeful shows you how to start a group for change the right way.
  7. Take out the trash: Taking pride in your school means keeping it as beautiful as you can. Read about how Newport Gardens Primary School students created a campaign to beautify their own school. Next, start here with creating your own litter clean-up and awareness initiative.
  8. Green-ify your gear: Make a switch to greener school supplies. Tree Hugger has some great resources for green school gear here.

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