Andrew Churches

Educator, speaker, author, and ICT enthusiast.
Making education an adventure.

Through the Global Digital Citizen Foundation, Andrew helps educators and corporations in several
countries nurture creative potential and achieve new levels of professional excellence.

“I am fortunate to teach at a school with a technology program that encompasses iPads in the classrooms … this reflects the future our students and children will be entering into.”

About Andrew

Andrew Churches is a classroom teacher and an ICT enthusiast. He passionately believes that to prepare our students for the future, we must prepare them for change by teaching them to question and think, and to adapt and modify.

He teaches at Kristin School on Auckland’s North Shore, a school with a technology program that encompasses iPads in its classrooms throughout the younger years, and a comprehensive BYOD program in the senior years. Andrew feels this reflects the future our students and children are entering into with ubiquitous portable computing. The use of these technologies has provided great inspiration for the books he has written.

Andrew is the Vice President of the Global Digital Citizen Foundation, and co-author of several books including The Digital DietThe Apps for Learning Series, and the best-selling book, Literacy is Not Enough.

In 2009, Andrew was a finalist in the Microsoft Distinguished Educators Awards. He has been a member of the advisory board for the Australia and New Zealand edition of the Horizon Report, the only secondary/primary school teacher on a board of 32 educational experts. In 2012, he was also named a Learning Commons Visionary by the editors of Teacher Librarian: The Journal for School Library Professionals.

Outside of school, Andrew is an outdoor instructor and an adventure enthusiast. He enjoys sharing and presenting his work, research, thoughts and musings. He is an edublogger, tweeter, wiki author, and innovator.

He also contributes regularly to a number of websites and blogs including TechLearning, Spectrum Educational Magazine, the Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s blog, and his own Edorigami blog.

“Our students are born into a world where the only constant is change—they are immersed in technology and yet are unaware of how ubiquitous this technology is.”

“A relevant, innovative, and thought-provoking presenter. Churches’ interaction in the course really helped us with discussing and exploring ideas further.”

Workshop Participant

“I rate the Andrew Churches presentation at a 12 out of 10—and that is no surprise!”

Mick P.

“Just finished with Andrew Churches’ breakout at ULearn. Really interesting and great value!”

Scott H.

“Great relevant content in the presentation and excellent food for thought. I can’t wait to put his ideas to practice in the classroom!”

Workshop Participant

Andrew believes we can best prepare our students for the future by preparing them for change, teaching them to question and think, and to adapt and modify.

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