Mindful Assessment: Beyond STEM to Future-Focused Learning

This special workshop series with best-selling author Lee Watanabe Crockett is designed to guide learners through the process of developing exceptional learning tasks and Mindful Assessment of the General Capabilities by moving beyond STEM, PBL and Inquiry to Future-Focused Learning.

The real secret to improving student learning outcomes is to focus on the inter-relationship between student engagement, teacher knowledge and skill, and the demands asked of both student and teacher by the curriculum’s content. This is what Richard Elmore calls the Instructional Core (2009). At the intersection between the student, the teacher and the curriculum is the Learning and Assessment Task. As Elmore reminds us, the real accountability system in schools is the tasks that students are asked to do; i.e., “the task predicts performance”.

In South Australia’s education system, more and more emphasis is being placed on the General Capabilities. School leaders and teachers are working towards having common and consistent approaches to both the learning design and the task and assessment design so that these transversal skills and abilities are developed in students’ progress from Reception to Year 12.

It is time to rethink the relationship between teaching and learning and assess the crucial skills students need to succeed in the 21st century. Mindful Assessment provides a structured and supported approach for South Australia’s educators to undertake Learning and Assessment Design with the General Capabilities as the core.

Session 1 – March 6
Mindful Assessment of the General Capabilities

This session explores how improving our learning and task design enables the transversal skills and abilities within our curriculum (i.e., the General Capabilities) to be learnt and assessed.

By focussing on Critical & Creative Thinking, participants will explore various approaches to learning task and assessment design that enable each learner to develop strengths in this general capability.

Session 2 – June 5
Mindful Assessment of STEM

This session facilitates the sharing of practitioner work on Mindful Assessment Critical & Creative Thinking units since Session 1.

Participants will also explore how interdisciplinary approaches to learning, such as STEM, can be enhanced through a Mindful Assessment approach.

Session 3 – August 25
Mindful Assessment Beyond Your Classroom, Beyond Your School

This session facilitates the sharing of practitioner work on Mindful Assessment of STEM since Session 2.

Participants will also explore how the approaches from Sessions 1 and 2 can be applied to other curriculum priorities such as assessing the Literacy and Numeracy general capabilities.

This session will also look at ways to progress this work within participants’ schools and across school networks.

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