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50 Online Teaching Tools You’ve Got to Try Out

      Having a database of useful online teaching tools is a great practice for every teacher, as is a handy stable of great resources like you'll find in our resources section.  After all, you can't do everything on your own and there are many developers...

10 of the Most Useful Digital Age Skills Every Learner Needs

      In the past, we’ve talked about the critical 21st-century skills students need and why. But what about other digital age skills? There are so many other useful and practical abilities to have that can help our learners build success and enable...

The 8 Best Pathways to Teaching Creatively in Any Classroom

      Creativity is a thing of the heart and the mind, and when it comes to teaching creatively it’s even more so. We know from Creativity Fluency that creativity itself is something that can be taught and learned. In today’s multimedia world, it’s as...

5 Ways to Help Your Students With Overcoming Learning Barriers

      Learning anything comes with some kind of labour whether it’s time spent, a search for meaning, or a simple struggle to understand. Every learner is different, and with those differences eventually will come the process of overcoming learning...


25 Great Online Education Tools Modern Teachers Love Using

      Teacher toolboxes in the modern teaching environment are many and diverse. Most include trusted standbys like Evernote, Google tools, Edmodo, Wikispaces, and others. Of course, everybody has their own favourite sites and tools, but the fact remains...

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30 Solid Strategies for Fostering Creativity In Learning

Creative expression is and always has been essential to a student’s holistic growth and development. Today, it’s becoming essential as a learning focus. In this article from Miriam Clifford, you’ll discover 30 ways you can work with fostering creativity in your own students.

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6 Healthy Tech Habits Any Parent Can Pass On to Their Kids

      When we talk about digital citizenship, we’re talking about a way of learning and living responsibly in an online world that stretches across communities both educational and domestic. Healthy tech habits can begin anytime as it’s never too late to...

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Movies in the Classroom Part 2: Teaching English With Film

      To show movies or not to show movies? Our guess is that Shakespeare would probably approve of teaching English with film. In Hamlet, the titular character repeatedly procrastinated about whether he should avenge the death of his father by murdering...

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How to Teach Media Fluency Skills: 6 Cool Concepts to Try

Teaching Media Fluency skills is crucial to the educational environment as technology continues to reshape how students think and react to digital media and the messages they receive. This is an important aspect of teaching that cannot be ignored. All...

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