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6 Handy Charts for Performing Critical Thinking Assessment

How do we know when our learners are thinking critically? Critical thinking assessment can be tricky to perform as it encompasses such a broad area of skills. However, we can begin to assess critical thinking by breaking it down into more basic...

18 Incredible Digital Citizenship Web Resources for Teachers

Every teacher can benefit from having some good digital citizenship Web resources available to share with students. We like the kinds of tools that will help you help them learn about appropriate and exemplary behaviors in any online environment. As a teacher, you're...

How to Fix 5 Common Formative Assessment Problems Teachers Have

Formative assessment problems are a fact of life and learning. FA has its challenges to be sure. Remember that no assessment method is really 100% foolproof. There's so much to consider and so many different students. You can fix many formative assessment problems,...


The Best Pathway for Connecting to Learners Right Now

How we practice connecting to learners right now informs not only how well they learn, but how well they'll continue to learn. As a busy teacher, you can benefit from a resource that helps you continue reaching students long after the lesson is done. Now...

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22 Simple Daily Assessment Strategies That Really Work

Assessment happens every day in our classrooms, so it's got to be as simple and effective as possible. Simple daily assessment strategies like the ones from Saga Briggs in this TeachThought article fit the bill perfectly. One of the highest...

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The Best Web Tools for Making Fast Formative Assessments

Making fast formative assessments is a dream for teachers, but they also need to be accurate and informative for learners. Kids certainly need to know where they're at with their learning and what the next steps are. However, with increasing classroom...

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