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How to Quickly Start Turning Around Challenging Student Behaviour

      Turning around challenging student behaviour is about approaching any such situation with empathy and constructive attitudes. If you’ve taught in a classroom, you know this behaviour when you see it. It can be the bane of any teacher as well as a...

The 10 Best Pieces of Teaching Advice for Every Educator

      The word "advice" can get peoples' hackles up in a hurry. It's human nature to enjoy giving it and to loathe receiving it. However, Terry Heick at TeachThought has a few pieces of teaching advice here that you're going to want to listen to. Terry is...

7 Ways to Encourage Learners’ Independent Thinking

      Getting our learners to begin thinking independently is one of the many goals of education. “Teach students so that they don’t need the teacher.” But what if that wasn’t the case? What if there were something higher than independence? After all,...

How to Encourage Self-Directed Learning Practices in Students

      What exactly do we mean by self-directed learning practices? Whoever heard of learners teaching themselves?Let’s start with considering a few real-life examples. In sports, when a player plays a bad game, he or she knows what they need to work on in...


14 Things Teachers Can Say for Creating Better Learning

      Every teacher knows our classroom environments are meant to be places of learning and support. After all, both you and your students should feel safe and nurtured in this space. Teachers also know the lasting power of words. Ultimately, creating...

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10 Effective Approaches for Reaching Difficult Students

      Students come in all shapes and sizes, ages, cultures, and demographics. However, like any other person they can sometimes be difficult to reach for any number of reasons. Whether it be a learning disability, hardship, or trauma, they require extra...

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The Most Crucial Practice That Will Improve Your Teaching

      Plenty of educators have a specific classroom management strategy they swear by. Both they and their learners benefit from it because it works for learning. But how can there possibly be a “one size fits all” method to improve your teaching? Can one...

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10 Ways to Make Your Words Matter as a Teacher

      Words have power—the power to heal and to hurt, to build and to destroy. As a teacher, you always want to help your learners build and progress as much as possible. So you must make your words matter as much as you can.Our inner self is expressed...

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