The 7 Best Fail-Safe Tips for Creating Standout Infographics

by | May 27, 2018

The art of creating standout infographics takes time to master, but it’s easy when you know how. Infographics share knowledge, transmit data, and tell visual stories. In fact, infographics are also a great creative way for learners to demonstrate understanding and illustrate things that matter to them. They’re visually appealing and highly shareable ways to get a message across. The good news is anyone can learn to start creating standout infographics. All you need to do is follow the 7 simple tips below from Infinista Concepts.

The debate about whether or not infographics are still relevant as a content sharing vehicle rages on in many business circles. However, the fact is they’ve never gone away, and are actually increasing in not only popularity but also versatility. This article explains some of the reasons why infographics are still a worthwhile endeavour:

  • They’re shareable across multiple social network platforms.
  • They are swiftly replacing text-heavy white papers.
  • They are still one of the fastest visual ways to deliver stats and facts about any topic.
  •  They are easy for smaller businesses to create and share.
  • Their visual aspects can increase a business’s client retention.
  • They make content more digestible.

7 Tips for Creating Standout Infographics

  1. Story: Always tell stories relevant to your audience, and not just for yourself. You can do this by paying attention to blog posts, keeping an eye on what gets shared the most and what drives the most traffic.
  2. Style: Present your data using solid graphic design principles, and look at examples of other work to emulate or to evolve your own style from.
  3. Simplicity: Always keep your infographic design as simple as possible. Stay away from fancy or multiple typefaces, too many graphics or cluttered layouts. Instead, focus on creating a flow and connection to your content.
  4. Size: Keep it between 1,500 to 3,000 pixels in length. This maximizes shareability and minimizes download times.
  5. Statistics: Make sure they are reliable, factual, helpful and current.
  6. Shareability: Allow your infographic to be shared easily with embed codes.
  7. Source: Always attribute your sources so that your audience knows where you got your ideas from—it builds credibility.


7 ways of creating standout infographics



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