Show your students how to turn problems into opportunities with the Solution Fluency Quickstart Guide—yours FREE from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation!

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The Fluency skills every student needs for life beyond school all start with Solution Fluency—the ability to think creatively to solve problems in real time by clearly defining the problem, designing an appropriate solution, delivering the solution and then evaluating the process and the outcome.

The Solution Fluency Quickstart Guide, the first in our new FREE Fluency Guidebooks Series, takes you through the process of the 6Ds—Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and Debrief. That’s just the beginning.

Discover the Skills Beyond the Stages

The guidebook then takes you through the specific skills developed in each stage, and why they’re important to living and learning in the Information Age. Use the points as a baseline for inspiring Solution Fluency development in your students.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.04.48 PMMeasure What Matters

The Solution Fluency Quickstart Guide also offers tools for engaging students and measuring their progress with Solution Fluency. Make use of the 6 different customizable project-based learning scenario ideas provided, as well as the Fluency Snapshot Tool for this Fluency, also included.

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Start Using Solution Fluency with Your Students

The Solution Fluency Quickstart Guide will ensure you have a solid guideline for incorporating the 6Ds of Solution Fluency in your classroom.

Download it now for free and begin exploring the skill levels and scenario ideas, and discover how to make the most of them with your students!

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