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What’s Everyone Saying?

First of all, I would like to extend my deep appreciation and gratitude to you for what can only be described as a mind-blowing experience! The sheer power of the already overwhelming arguments were further magnified by your expert delivery—part teacher, part performer, part magician.

Susan G.

Lee’s positive and thought-provoking presentations were a hit at our conference. A polished presentation with excellent content and stunning visuals … in addition, it was a joy to work with Lee as he made sure to accommodate the needs of our conference and the participants.

Deb V.

On behalf of the NJASA Technology Committee, I wanted to thank you for such a great presentation … your captivating and engaging presentation taught all of us in the audience a great deal about technology in education and in our world, and left every one of us with many things to think about. You truly did an amazing job!

Steven E.

Well, what can I say?  All spoke of how fantastic the presentation was and how it all made such sense, once they had the chance to hear it. You did more in that time than I could have done in years of discussing the concepts of the Fluencies.  Can’t wait for the next instalment where we share our thoughts with you.
Simon McG.

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