Keynotes – Understanding the Digital Generation

“Our students were born with a mouse in their hands. The pervasive nature of digital culture has altered the way they think, and the way they learn. Education today is completely out of sync with this new reality.” exerpt from Understanding the Digital Generation.

The New Connections

This eye-opening presentation provides a comprehensive look at how the pervasive nature of digital culture has and continues to change the brains of our students. As a result of these changes, they have developed learning styles and preferences which are in contrast to the traditional pedegogical approach.

The New Connections provides a clear description of 10 core learning attributes of digital learners, and a pragmatic look at how we can teach effectively in an age when new technologies cascade onto the new digital landscape at an astonishing rate.

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Strategies That Work

Because of digital bombardment and the emergence of the new digital landscape, today’s youth process information, interact, and communicate in fundamentally different ways than any previous generation before them. Meanwhile many of us, having grown up in a relatively low-tech, stable, and predictable world, are constantly struggling with the speed of change, technological innovation, and the freedom to access the overwhelming sea of information online—all defining characteristics of the digital world of both today, and the swiftly-approaching future. Strategies That Work provides a comprehensive profile of several core learning attributes of digital learners, and the core teaching, learning, and assessment strategies that can be used to appeal to their digital lifestyle and learning preferences. You’ll gain a clear understanding of various research-based strategies to optimize learning for the digital generation in the new digital landscape.

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