ReImagining Caulfeild iDEC School

Our students take pride in the places they learn and the environments they share. When they see something wrong, they come together to solve problems in the most creative ways you can imagine.

The learners of Caulfeild iDEC School in West Vancouver were driven by a single question to show their pride in their school’s environment using Solution Fluency and Media Fluency combined.

Essential questions drive meaningful learning and discovery. Without them we would not be curious about ourselves, our communities, and our planet. In fact, without them there would be no learning at all.

The kids of Caulfeild iDEC Elementary School in West Vancouver, Canada got to explore how Solution Fluency could help them show how curious they are about preserving the integrity of their school’s environment, with the help of a team of dedicated teachers. It was an amazing journey for everyone.

young town classroom 2

Students from K–12 submitted videos on a range of different contest topics including illegal dumping, abandoned waste, litter, and proper recycling practices. All in all, over 40 videos were received before the contest closed on April 18, 2017. They can all be viewed on the West Van District YouTube channel.

Caulfeild principal Craig Cantlie couldn’t have been happier with the results. “Our staff really do take the time to share their experiences,” he says, “and the whole-school inquiry on waste where the learning and questions went home on kids’ own initiative is exactly what we were hoping to achieve—staff, students, and families working together.”

When I taught at an IB school a number of years ago I saw the power of the framework of IB teaching. When I saw Lee Crockett speak at the BCTLA conference, I recognized that his approach to learning and the Fluencies were a framework that could move our work forward.

Craig Cantlie

Principal, Caulfeild iDEC School

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