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Today’s students know innovation and creativity are a powerful combination. Paul Myer Hopkins of GEMS Dubai American Academy gave his a chance to put those skills into future home designs.

This is the story of how his Grade 7 Innovate learners put their hearts and minds into original concepts for homes of the future, built to last and designed to solve the problems that matter.

There’s a certain level of pride that comes from designing your own home. That’s exactly what the Grade 7 Innovate students of GEMS Dubai American Academy got to do in a project called “Future Homes” under the guidance of Paul Myer Hopkins, a digital video and innovation instructor at DAA.

“The project has a multi-faceted approach that incorporates all 6 of DAA’s Future Fluencies,” explains Paul. The Fluencies allowed the Grade 7 Innovators to use structured processes to achieve their creative design goals in ways that foster truly meaningful learning.

young town classroom 2

The Grade 7 Innovators produced some amazing proposals that showcased their imagination, ingenuity, and problem-solving abilities. They tackled power conservation, air pollution, waste management, and much more in their futuristic designs, using Google Docs and Tinkercad for modelling and communication.

What’s on the horizon for Paul and his intrepid learners as they continue with the Future Fluencies? “I look forward to more training and continued implementation,” he says. “This is so important for the innovative and creative mindset. There are no mistakes, only discoveries!”

We are fortunate to have had Lee visit multiple times, and he also provides input and feedback when he is not here. His foundation has excellent online resources that can help any teacher, regardless of their experience.

Paul Myer Hopkins

GEMS Dubai American Academy

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