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Experience the new Solution Fluency Activity Planner.
It’s your new best friend for project-based learning in the classroom.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs Poster

This is a giant 18″X30″ PDF poster version of our popular Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs infographic. The file is presented in ZIP format and is a larger file intended for professional printing, and will look great on your office or classroom wall. Enjoy this colourful poster-size reference tool for Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs.

The Critical Thinking Workbook

Check out the activities and games featured in The Critical Thinking Workbook—a guide for making critical thinking fun and engaging. Choose from a variety of different games and activities to use with your students. This document is also fully editable and can be used as either an electronic doc or as printable worksheets.

The EQ Guide: Essential Questions

What makes an essential question “essential?” This handy reference guide explores how to understand and craft essential questions using a practical example of turning a non-essential question into an essential one. Also included are two different tools for building EQs that you can edit and fill in right inside the guide.

Classroom Motivational Posters

Share some inspiration and motivation with these colourful 11″ x 17″ classroom motivational poster files. The ZIP folder you’ll get contains all 12 posters as single PDF files. You can print off the ones you want or share them electronically. They’ll look great on your office or classroom walls, so share a bit of inspiration!

Fluency Posters

The skills of all the Fluencies, put together into one neat package! The Fluency Posters are mini-posters that feature the essential meaning and skills of each Fluency, as well as Global Digital Citizenship. A terrific quick-reference tool for sharing with students and colleagues!

Solution Fluency QuickStart Guide

This guide will help you get to know Solution Fluency skill sets so that you can develop them with students. Learn all about the skills that make Solution Fluency so vital in modern classrooms, and start giving your students a problem-solving edge!

Information Fluency QuickStart Guide

Learn the Information Fluency skills and how your students can employ them in school, and beyond! Learn all about the skills that make Information Fluency a necessity in the information age. Show your students how to be true data detectives!

Creativity Fluency QuickStart Guide

There’s creative potential within all of us, and you can show your students how to bring it alive using the skills of Creativity Fluency. Learn all about the skills that make Creativity Fluency so vital and explore them with your budding creative geniuses!

Media Fluency QuickStart Guide

In a multimedia world, Media Fluency helps your students learn to both decode and develop messages that matter in today’s digital media. This guide features the skill sets for each phase and a focus on why they are essential for modern learners. Use it to take a step toward teaching your students media mastery.

Collaboration Fluency QuickStart Guide

With the Collaboration Fluency QuickStart Guide, you’ll learn how the 5Es can build unbeatable teams for creating stellar projects. This guide features the skill sets for each phase, the Fluency Snapshot tool for this Fluency, and 6 project-based learning scenarios to challenge students’ media mastery!

Global Digital Citizen QuickStart Guide

The GDC QuickStart Guide explores the skills and mindsets developed by practicing the 5 tenets of Global Digital Citizenship. The Fluency Snapshot tool and 6 fun project-based learning scenarios are also included to help your students learn to be great Global Digital Citizens!

World of Colour: Colour Theory in Marketing and Media

With “World of Colour” you’ll learn about colour theory and how the power of colour is used in marketing and media to invoke feelings and inspire action, by looking at real-world examples. Then you can let students explore colour theory in one of the project-based learning ideas included in the guide!

Twitter-Tastic Teacher's Guide

The Twittertastic Teacher’s Guide is the ultimate companion for bringing Twitter into your classroom. Explore 30 Twitter-rific class activities, tips for expanding your PLN, education hashtags, and more. Packed with illustrations, tips, and examples, it’s the only Twitter teacher’s guide you need.

PBL Ideas Book

The PBL Ideas Book features 9 real-world scenarios to engage students, deepen learning, and provide rich problem-solving opportunities—all customizable for lots of subjects and grade levels. Explore how these ideas can work in your classroom.

10 Things to Know Before Starting a BYOD Program

Implementing and managing a BYOD program in schools is challenging. This useful ebook will help you to both understand the implications and anticipate the challenges of BYOD programs. These tips will help you develop a sustainable plan, and save you time and money!

Fluency Snapshot Assessment Tool

Your students need to know how developed their skills are, and that’s what the Fluency Snapshot Assessment Tool is for. Use it for both teacher-led and student peer evaluation. It’s designed to help you measure performance and cultivate an understanding of the Fluencies.

Tools for Teachers - Media Production

Put your skills to the test—and learn new ones—with these great free online resources. This first book in our Tools for Teachers ebook series showcases engaging and fun-to-use free online tools for media production—video, photo, and podcasting.

Tools for Teachers - Writing

Put your skills to the test—and learn new ones—with these great free online resources. The second volume in our Tools for Teachers ebook series features fantastic writing resources. There are tools for digital storytelling, creative writing, blogging, and also cool website builders.

Tools for Teachers - STEM Learning

Put your skills to the test—and learn new ones—with these great free online resources. The third book in our Tools for Teachers ebook series is all about STEM learning. Explore some great free online tools for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Digital Citizenship Agreements

A great global digital citizen uses the head and the heart, and takes responsibility for others. These tools will help you cultivate personal responsibility and ethical online practices with your students. You get free agreements for primary, middle, and senior grades, plus a Global Digital Citizen Honour Code.

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