Introducing 50% a School Plan on the Solution Fluency Activity Planner

by | Apr 10, 2017


Now you can transform your whole school with the Solution Fluency Activity Planner and still take the team out to lunch. Introducing the School/District Plan at 50% off!

(And no ninjas will visit your home.)

Educators all over the globe are discovering that the Solution Fluency Activity Planner is their best bet for cultivating the skills learners need, ensuring deep engagement and mindful assessment, and enhancing collaboration between teachers of all faculties. Now your entire school can do all of this and more for 50% off a school or district plan!

Here’s just some of what you’ll be able to do when your whole school is along for the ride:

  • Access Hundreds of Premium Plans and Resources written by Our Team
  • Add Co-Authors for Real-Time Collaboration
  • Connect to Curriculum and the Essential Fluencies
  • Call for Coaching by Our Team of Ninjas for Formative Feedback
  • Get Virtual Professional Learning Webinars with Our Team
  • Access Top-Notch Free and Premium Resources
  • Enjoy a Private School Community Portal
  • Add up to 100 staff members per school

No need to wait any longer—begin exploring what a school or district plan can do to help you transform learning today, for FREE!

Start Your FREE School Trial

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