STEAM Education: Stepping Beyond STEM [Infographic]

by | Nov 12, 2016

By now if you’re a teacher, you’ve heard at least something about STEAM education. What is it? It’s STEM education with the category of arts and design added. Why? Because today, the arts are no longer ornamental—they’re fundamental.

Here are some of the interesting stats on STEAM education you’ll find in this infographic from E-Learning Infographics:

  • On average, students who study the arts for 4 years in high school score 98 points higher on the SATs compared to those who study the same for half a year or less.
  • Students who took up music appreciation scored 61 points higher on the verbal section and 42 points higher on the math section.
  • Of the elementary schools with arts, the most common subjects revolve around music at 94% and visual studies at 83%. Only 3% offer dance instruction while 4% provide theater arts.
  • Training in the arts has been shown to improve creativity and innovation. Students learn to approach issues with a critical mind and a positive attitude towards problem solving. Exposure to the arts enhances communication skills, which are essential tools for collaboration. It develops flexibility and adaptability. The government recognizes these and, indeed, 48 states have adopted standards for art instructions.
  • However 51% of art teachers are unhappy about what they see as the decline in art education brought about by the shift in focus. The difficulty in measuring art’s contribution to academic performance has led to its under appreciation.

Source: E-Learning Infographics

Picking Up STEAM in the Classroom

If you’re looking for classroom resources for STEAM education, here are some great ones. You may be looking to learn more about it, or you may be looking for ideas to bring it into your classroom. No matter what your purpose is, look no further than the choices below.

Enjoy the infographic. Full STEAM ahead!


Source: E-Learning Infographics, 2015


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